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Current Trucker Job Openings

The call of the wide open road--itís the number one thing truckers mention when asked what made them decide to pursue their trucking job.  Whether the truckers chose local jobs or jobs that would take them across the country on a long haul, for the majority, the freedom of the open road is the draw.  With many trucking jobs, the trucker works for a company that manages a fleet of trucks and the cargo they haul. But with some trucking jobs, the trucker owns the truck (owner/operator) and has to set up his own local or long haul shipping jobs. There are benefits and draw backs of each, but both trucker jobs provide the trucker the freedom of the open road.

Local trucking jobs are perfect for truckers that have a family. Local hauls keep the driver close to his home town, allowing the driver to be home every weekend or maybe even home with his family every night. A lot of short-distance delivery truck jobs fall into this category. Thereís a definite draw to local trucking jobs; they provide the freedom of the open road, but allow the trucker to have a job that lets him get home to his family every night.

For many drivers, however, the long haul is the ultimate trucking job. In this type of trucker job, the trucker can be transporting loads from one corner of the country to another, then hauling another load back again. Thereís nothing that compares to taking a long haul cross country. The sights you see, the other truckers you meet on the job and stopping at rest stops, and the freedom of the open road.

Trucking jobs provide a one-of-a-kind experience. And truckers who share in this job experience form a brotherhood, and even have their own lingo as truckers on the job talk to each other over CB radios.


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